Highlights 2018-2019



Shin Research Excellence Award

Alexander Bohnert, Albrecht Fritzsche (both from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) and Shirley Gregor (Australian National University) won the award for their paper Digital Agendas and the Insurance Industry: The Importance of Comprehensive Approaches.


45th General Assembly, Paris

The leading voices of the insurance industry, thought leaders, academics, agenda setters and other key stakeholders met to exchange ideas on the role of insurance related to geopolitics, the future of health, climate risk and digital technologies.


Annuitisation: Retirement Income that Lasts a Lifetime – Research report

Government-supported social retirement plans are under extreme pressure due to increased life expectancy and low fertility rates. People need to provide suitable retirement funds for themselves. The annuitisation of pension assets represents an insurance solution.


Advancing Accumulation Risk Management in Cyber Insurance– Research report

There are three prerequisites for ensuring sustainability of the cyber insurance market: sufficient resilience at the source of risk, insurers making an acceptable return on capital and sufficient capital to withstand shocks and provide adequate compensation to insureds.


2018 Extreme Events and Climate Risk Forum, Toronto

Insurers are key stakeholders in enhancing infrastructure climate resilience and mobilising capital into infrastructure projects. Institutional investors should engage with insurers not only to protect physical assets but also to mitigate the risk profile of projects across their whole life cycle.

12th Chief Investment Officers’ Meeting, Hong Kong

Suitable solutions to retirement funding should lower government financing whilst improving retirement income. Moreover, the combination of rising asset prices and protracted low interest rates makes savings and risk mitigation ever more important.

Ernst Meyer Prize

Francisco Ceballos from Georg-August-University Göttingen won the award for his PhD dissertation Demand and Design Considerations for Smallholder Farmers’ Weather Index Insurance Products.


Insurance in the Digital Age – Research report

Digital technologies underpin modern societies and as a consequence, many aspects of daily life become increasingly personalized. However, risk pooling is likely to remain the best response of the insurance industry to risks emerging from the digital age.


15th Annual Global Ageing Conference, Paris

With ageing populations comprising a greater proportion of the total world population, long-term care insurance products should be in high demand. However, a lack of trust in the industry and low understanding of insurance have hurt sales.

Managing Physical Climate Risk: Leveraging Innovations in Catastrophe Risk Modelling – Research report

The insurance industry can make a significant contribution to the next generation of catastrophe (Cat) risk models. Connecting Cat models with models applied in economics, the water-food-energy nexus or infrastructure and health could result in improved policymaking, planning and risk management.

14th Liability Regimes Conference, London

Insurers need to evaluate the implications of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and adapt their products to protect clients. The insurability of wildfires and counterfeiting has become increasingly complex and calls for enhanced cooperation with external experts.


Virtual Competition: Online Platforms, Consumer Outcomes and Competition in Insurance – Research report

Online platforms can enhance market efficiency and help overcome consumer bias in purchasing insurance. On the other hand, biased information and loss of privacy represent potential risks. Transparency and non-discrimination are key to ensuring consumer trust.



Jad Ariss joins The Geneva Association as Secretary General

The Geneva Association’s Board of Directors appointed Jad Ariss as Secretary General, effective 1 March 2019. Mr Ariss joined from AXA, where he had been Group Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility and CEO Middle East & Africa, amongst other leadership roles.

35th Regulation and Supervision (PROGRES) Seminar, Zurich

Insurers face high expectations from society to commit to environmental, social and governance standards. Insurers and supervisors need to discuss the expected impact of regulatory reforms on policyholders and markets.



Healthcare in Emerging Markets: Exploring the Protection Gaps – Research report

Health insurance in emerging markets represents 2% of healthcare expenditure. Based on out-of-pocket spending that is financially stressful, the annualised health protection gap for all emerging markets amounts to around USD 310 billion, 1% of these countries’ combined GDP.